Friday, February 27, 2015

leadership evidence: peer mediation

peer mediation: today I did peer mediation. I got my vest from Jesse and straight to the end of the field were Meadow and Emma were getting ready. we did not solve any problems, but we tried to find some by asking people who looked like they were fighting. there only turned out there were only silly problems.   

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

leadership evidence-getting involved at swimming sports.

swimming sports-yesterday at swimming sports i got involved by firstly behaving on bus especially since there were heaps of year 4,s misbehaving. secondly by trying my hardest on both of my races i felt as if i was getting better because i was actually racing near other people, not miles behind like i have done so in previous years. i was got involved by cheering on my friends and siblings sportively during there races.          

Friday, February 20, 2015

leadership evidence

PEER MEDITATION-today i did peer meditation at exactly the second half of launch time i met up with Meadow and Emma H. we headed over to the filed, were we peer mediate. we helped a girl who was upset because someone had really hurt her. that person ended up saying sorry. one of the problems was really complicated! everyone was arguing about who pushed who of the flying fox. we not get to solve this problem because the bell rang.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

leadership evidence

PALS-today at the second half of lunch I had PALS. I made sure that me & my friends sat near room 25,so I could see when the peer mediators swapped. once they had swapped I went to go find my group for PALS. we decided on playing dodge ball. we called across the filed to see who wanted to play! we ended grabbing heaps of year 7 & 8s! it turned out to be super fun! we played boys vs  girls and Rosie even added a twist to the game by making there a merit. if the merit gets out the other team wins! I ended inviting Jesse, who had nothing to do, to play to!