Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Leadership Evidence (Distinction)

  PALS-Today at lunch I did PALS with Molly seeming Makayla refused to show up. We went to the little kids area we didn't have to find anyone because these little kids were playing a little game of duck, duck goose. We simply asked if we could join they agreed happily as we played people gradually started joining in, it didn't all go well because Emily got really upset. It was really funny because there was this one little kid who went round over and over but every-time she landed on me she said Poo Bum instead of duck! We changed the game continuously so they wouldn't get board for a while they were skipping and jumping up and then we ended of with playing heads down, thumbs up.  overall It was so much fun because it too spend time with little kids as well revisit some of the games I hadn't played age. I was showing leadership by turning and finding a fill in even though my group members didn't.

Friday, November 27, 2015

My student lead conference

f                  .                         This is my student lead conference.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Leadership Evidence (Distinction)

Choir-Today at choir we sang through money money money, adiemus and hallelujah we particularly did some work adiemus working on the harmony as well as Jesse's solo, violin tune and how high to sing. I was showing leadership because I turned up on the dot and contributed fully. Overall it was really fun to experience with a new a song as well as re-visiting welcome home.

Leadership Evidence (Distinction)

Being a role model for the students in the Kakano Team (Must dos)-Today at lunchtime at Peer Mediation we had no problems so I was really board then randomly some little kids told me to look for Lauren I tried to explain to them that I was on peer mediation but of course they didn't understand. It starting of with them chucking my hat and making me go fetch it then they literally started smacking this was pretty painful but it was fun for them. This was showing leadership by spending some time with little kids and being a role model. Overall it was quite fun for peer mediation.

Leadership Evidence (Distinction)

Helping out around the school (Must dos)-Today at the senior citizen concert I helped out by being part of the Choir we sang through Money, Money, Money and Hallelujah. I showed leadership by contributing fully into being part of the choir and giving 100% into making the performance AWESOME! Overall it was a little bit boring but I'm glad I got the chance to participate and make people happy!  

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Leadership Evidence (Distiction)

PALS-Today at lunchtime I did PALS with Makayla, Jasmine and Natalie. Well it started of with me & Makayla doing our duty then Jasmine decided to join as well, we all agreed on doing a skipping-rope/hula-hop type because it was simple and require much setting up we couldn't get our equipment from the hall (I have no idea why!) so we went to the back room in the music room. We dumped our stuff and like magic one person came! Funnily more than half of the people who asked to join were kakanos we were feeling kind and made it open for kauri and kakano heaps and heaps of people were skipping but no one was really hula-hoping properly everyone was just doing tricks hops. Their was this one kid who really liked to pull me along with the hula hops, part way through Natalie joined us so we were pretty packed. At the end Makayla made me stand in the middle and everyone chucked hula-hops over me. LOL! This was showing leadership because I showed up organised and with a can-do attitude. Overall it was awesome to get involved!          

Monday, November 2, 2015

Leadership Evidence (Distinction)

Librarian-Today I completely forgot about librarian as well as athletics going over time I was so tired all I wanted to do was chill out, but unfortunately today was the wrong day. I was really surprised when I got there to find there was no books to stack which was seriously a first. Me and Abi returned and issued a few books for people it wasn't really that packed today so we ended up having a nice quiet experience. I was showing leadership by coming even though I couldn't be bothered I wasn't the most reliable leader but at least I did it. Overall it was pretty average I was surprised at how short time I had I didn't know athletics took up that much. :-/

Friday, October 23, 2015

Leadership Evidence (Distinction)

Librarian-Today I spent the whole time at Librarian putting away books from every category!!! Lets be honest it was a bit boring, I also had to stamp books with Abi we had to it in speed motion because we were in a rush to get spare time. Overall it was really average, I showed leadership because I have been turning up consistently and I did it with a can-do attitude.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Leadership Evidence (Distintion)

Choir-Today I did choir we focused on learning the songs we didn't know very well like Ring of fire, Murasame, Poi e and to finish of with Adiamus. It was overall really fun and I think I was showing leadership by turning up (on time) to Choir as well as participating enthusiastically, I my favorite part was singing adiamus because its a really beautiful and touching song!        

Friday, October 16, 2015

Goal Process 2015

Goal Process....

1. Get above the standard in maths-Uncompleted only made small steps towards the goal :-(
2. Get better at looking after my things-Uncompleted I've lost a few pens so far this year but have been to keep a fair collections of stuff than I have previous years I'm also a bit more organised.
3. Work with different people-Completed!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Koro Games 2015 😊

Over the  last 3 days I competed in Koru games as part the Oakland's touch B team against several different schools across the South Island such as South New Brighten and Kaikori Valley. I really enjoyed playing hard all 7 of my games thinking back to the beginning of the year I didn't enjoy touch or had good catching ability I improved on my catching and enthusiasm in general. Something I will remember is being really close to scoring 3 goals my next step is to actually get one.

Friday, September 11, 2015


is a section of my writing where I used my goal...

Have you ever been yelled at for not wearing the correct uniform in class? Doesn't it seem unfair that your teachers  go around wearing converse and make-up and you looking like Decembers elf? Have you ever had to coupe through your mom moaning about how expensive everything is at a uniform shop? Have you ever struggled to concentrate on your school work because you feel like spiders are crawling through your body thanks to an itchy uniform?!

I have shown my goal by highlighting in blue what words I spelled wrong.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Leadership Evidence (Distinction)

PALS-Today @ lunchtime I did PALS with Jasmine since Makayla was at scratch, we grabbed our vests then found Mrs Mcloud for some pozzies and then headed out to behind the senior playground we decided to do a game of predator. We didn't have to bother going round looking for people to play because when we were just setting up a huge group of year 5's or year 6's or both came  and asked what we were playing when we said what we were playing they happily joined in. I started of being the person counting they were very violent with the touch but didn't react too much, we had to restart a couple of times because of misunderstanding's of the rules, but that was okay. I showed leadership by proactively finding a fill-in and of course showing up. Overall it was very difficult keeping control of such huge and annoyingly load bunch and it wasn't the fairest of games their was a a lot of rule misunderstanding and arguments so it wasn't a blast.  
By Emily          

Monday, September 7, 2015

Leadership Evidence (Distintion)

Getting involved in school events (Choir Rehearsal)-Today I got involved in rehearsing for the festival choir. We had an about a quarter of an hour bus ride to Avonhead school the buses actually had seatbelts, foot resters, curtains and slots to put books and things in. When we got there was like 20 other schools there we practiced in a massive hall there was quick introduction by the head then we got straight into singing starting from god of nations to slice of heaven to finish of we had long lectures of each 11 or 10 songs we had variety of different teachers through the songs I learned a whole load of new singing strategies that helped my voice get stronger. Overall it was actually fun and I showed leadership by turning up and giving 100%.              

Leadership Evidence (Distintion)

Librarian-Today I almost forgot about librarian! But just in time I got reminded. I had to stack to a whole load of books from all categories. Then make sure none of the little kids books were in the right place. To be brutally honest IT WAS REALLY REALLY BORING!!

Friday, September 4, 2015

Leadership Evidence (Distintion)

Peer Mediation-Today I came three minutes early to peer mediation. I quickly got Emma then we headed of to the junior area. At the start we we filled with problems layed in front of us we ended having split up and solve problems to be honest we rushed through a few. Mollyanne eventully joined us so we were a fill group for once. We properly solved a problem about two boys who where one of them had accidently or purposely (I don't even know!) hit him. We solved the problem by getting both of the boys to aplogise. Also the exact same boy came with a similar sitiualation with another boy same soulution of corse :')  

I can apply some criteria to evaluate texts.

The wrinkled man pokes a finger in to the slew of guts strewn across the parched ground. The day-dead rabbit that had previously contained them lies on its side three feet away facing east.
A drag of the finger further displaces the ropes of intestine. Cocking his head the man lifts the finger to his lips and tastes. He hops from foot to foot and rolls his eyes in rapture.
Several minutes pass before his eyes drop and regain their focus. With a nod he creaks to his feet and turns to face the silent, expectant crowd.
“Rain. Two Days.”

Cell biology (formerly cytology, from the Greek κυτος, kytos, "contain") is a branch of biology that studies cells – their physiological properties, their structure, the organelles they contain, interactions with their environment, their life cycle, division, death and cell function. This is done both on a microscopic and molecular level. Cell biology research encompasses both the great diversity of single-celled organisms like bacteria and protozoa, as well as the many specialized cells in multicellular organisms such as humans, plants, and sponges.

Example #1:

Text Feature: description

Why its relevant: Because it give you an image in your head.

Example: 'The wrinkled man'

Example #2:

Text Feature: Technical language

Why its relevant:  Because it matches the style of writing.

Example: 'encompasses'

Friday, August 28, 2015

Leadership Evidence (Distintion)

Peer Mediation-Today I turned up to Peer Mediation exactly on the dot seeming I am always far too early. Both of my group members didn't turn so Isabella filled in for me. We didn't really get any problems only a few people coming up to us got hurt so we took a lot of trips to the duty teachers. We also as usual had little kids annoying us so it was pretty boring.

Leadership Evidence (Distintion)

PALS-Today I did PALS with Makayla, Sam D and Natalie. We mucked about for like the first half using our PALS has super hero capes, giving each other piggy bags, arguing about what game we should play and weather we were on Kauri or Kakano, having and unnecessary fight about who's going to get the cones, winding each other up and just overall being stupid. When we had FINALLY  decided on a game (which was duck, duck goose. We were somewhat on kakano again!). We went calling for people but no one but one person instead of hauling around calling for people we just played a mini and people gradually started coming.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

My speech

The music industry changes through generations as one young artist enters the record book then fades leaving there feet unfirm. The world is so full of new singers leaving the unwritten question..are they going to last or is this going to be another disappointment? So the question still remains unanswered. Who is the best singer or band of all time?

I strongly believe that Taylor Swift is the best singer/songwriter. This is simply because unlike Meghan Trainor or Iggy Azalea who scroll down whatever comes to there mind on paper. Taylor writes from the heart about her own personal experiences from young adult hood and teenage hood. Which gives her her an ability to make fans feel like shes a super close friend or big sister. Moreover the lyrics of her songs almost speak to people. I would say that everyone of her songs has a hidden piece of advice or an unwritten  message for example if it wasn't for 'Shake it of' I would never have stopped caring about what people thought of me. So don't you want music to teach us to raise above haters and so much more?

Though she may one of the biggest acts in the universe right now she dosn't attract attention by taking her clothes of or getting drunk. Unlike you'd expect from Miley Cyrus or Britney Spears, Taylor appeals to be sweet natured, polite and has a clean living career which through her music videos, concerts and style choices. Taylor remains self aware when making every choice she makes. So wouldn't these quality be ideal for the music industry? Wouldn't someone who's consistently selling records and concerts need some reward from the human race?

A total of 220 awards of 479 nominations, concerts sold out the record breaking amount of 1-3 minutes in huge stadiums, sold of over 40 million records world wide, 9 #1s, Taylors success is undeniable anyone who doesn't see that would have to be blind! Would you on a daily bias be able to persuade one of the biggest tech products just with a polite letter? So if Taylor Swift is so popular isn't it pointless to feel 'awkward' or 'uncool' liking her? But what about an unclean past of sleuthing ex lovers? What about her identify for dissing and revenge?

On the other hand you may hear people say 'she has to much exs' or 'all she writes about is her boyfriends' both of these theory's are fairly true, Taylors past has an unclean amount of ex boyfriends. But is this ex filled image really good role modality? That's not the only thing. Taylors appeal of dissing her rivals and past boyfriends gives her a reference of being a revenge killing machine so isn't it just plain cruel rubbing it in peoples faces when they're wrong?

Even though there are bad things about Taylor Swift no matter what people say or think there's nothing that will persuade me against my opinion. A past of exs actually makes her closer to her fans as many go through love her experience gives her the ability to give advice to her to fans and hooks her up with incredible hits. Think about it if it wasn't for her relationships her albums would never be so successful. So really why wouldn't Taylor Swift be the worlds best singer?


Emilys Geometry

I made it to extended abstract because I can accurately do this goal and teach others. My next step is a new maths goal

Monday, August 24, 2015

Leadership Evidence (Distintion)

Librarian-Today Abi could only do 20 minutes of Librarian because of the aerobics but that was okay because I had three people filling in for her. We started of by putting away a huge stack of books which got really tiring.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Leadership Evidence (Distintion)

Choir-Today I did choir we went through California dreamin, the long white sails, slice of heaven and poi e. The songs were pretty difficult because they were all so HIGH, But they were really fun to sing at the same time. I think this was showing leadership by turning up on the dot.

Leadership Evidence (Distintion)

Peer Mediation-Today both of my group members couldn't attend so I add to do it by myself. I didn't really do my duty properly I spent the whole time helping these little kids look for a senior which caused a massive amount of confusion.    

Leadership Evidence (Distintion)

Behaving @ tech (Must dos)-On Tuesday I behaved on the bus by only talking to the person next to me (well I actually gave them the silence because we as usual had nothing to talk about). To be honest I didn't really sit 3 to a seat I actually sat somewhere with someone random. But I still showed good leadership by not being to noisy for the bus driver and just showing respct.

Leadership Evidence (Distintion)

Getting Involved (Must dos)-Today at lunchtime and mourning tea by playing predator w/ Abi, Molly, Natalie, Sam D and Makayla. It was really even though I suck at it. My school uniform got EXTREMLY muddy while playing, we took turns being in and played at the far end of the field. This was showing leadership by actively getting involved at break time. Overall I enjoyed playing and would recommend predator as being a awesome game to play at lunchtime and mourning tea.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Leadership Evidence (Distinction)

Peer Mediation-Today at peer mediation it was only me and Emma because the other member of our group didn't show it was the dullest peer mediation session ever! We pretty much sat at a seat waiting for problems.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Leadership Evidence (Excellence)

PALS-Today at lunchtime I did PALS with Makayla, Honor, and Alicia. Two people in our group didn't turn up so we needed full ins. We were on kakano we did it around the court near the kakano area we started calling round looking for people not doing much to join in. Once we had about eight people we played Duck, Duck Goose! As we played people continuously started joining in it surprisingly really fun and hilarious to watch!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)    

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Emilys math

I have at extended abstract because I can successfully know how to do this and teach someone else. My next step is to take a geometry.

Emilys math

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Term 1 goal process


  • Get above the standard in maths.
  • Get better at looking after stuff.
  • Collaborate with others (not just my friends).  
I think that I haven't made a lot of progress in getting above the stranded in my maths because I haven't even made it to the the subject I should be at. I am learning number strategies in maths at the moment as well as cheeking of when I achieve the strategies on my national standard spreed sheet towards achieving the standard I'm aiming for.

I think have gotten a little better at looking after my stuff considering you don't find it everywhere, frankly I am always losing my pens and have a very untidy space.

I think I am better at this goal because I have made some new friends and have gotten to know everyone a lot better than I did at the start of the year.      

Leadership Evidence (excellence)

PALS-Today at PALS we sorta gave the people who joined  a option of what they wanted by getting out elastics, hula hoops and a very, very long skipping rope. There was a wide range of things being done with the equipment Eg: doing horsey rides with the elastics. We also surprisingly had a whole bunch of people (year 7&8s in particular) Joining. This was showing leadership by turning up to my responsibility without being asked. :):):)      

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Reading-respond using understanding and information in texts

My reading goal is to respond using understanding and information in texts.

I am at extended abstract because I can think up accurate questions that relates to predicting, imagining, re-reading & connecting, answer questions identify strategic I used to back up my answer and point out an area in the text where I got my answer.


Sunday, July 19, 2015

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Emily's Reading Prove it!

WALT: I can evaluate writers' purposes and consider how they have used structure and language to suit these purposes.

Song: "Roar" by Katy Perry

Example of colloquial language: "Hold my breath"

What it means: To keep quiet and not say anything.

Why is it used: Because it goes with the beat of the song .

Solo Reflection: Overall the main types of colloquial involved in this text are expressive words used to show something E.g "hold my breath" & "rock the boat".


Monday, June 22, 2015

Leadership Evidence (Excellence)

Librarian- Today at lunch I did librarian. Abi was on desk while put books away from every single  category the whole time! They're was massive pile of them but it was okay because I was demonstrating leadership by consistently turning up & on time to my library duty and taking on all roles I am given even if its boring stuff like putting books away. :-) 

Friday, June 12, 2015

Leadership Evidence (Excellence)

Peer Mediation- Today at the second half of lunch ,I did peer mediator with Mollyanne and Emma Hill. At second half I made sure I grabbed the vest and found them for peer mediation. We only solved one miner problem about some girls being annoyed by a boy. But we still had to get a duty teacher involved because the boy wasn't cooperating. To be completely honest we did muck around a bit, take that back we mucked around a. LOT. But it was still really fun! :-)  

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Leadership Evidence (Excellence)

Must dos (Helping out around the school)- Today me, Molly and Abi showed leadership by picking up rubbish around the school. We filled one whole bag of rubbish, picked up even the disgusting things (e.g.: socks) and it even turned out to be somewhat fun! Some teachers gave us pozis and good job speeches. This was showing leadership because we were making a huge difference to the school and the environment :-)     

Monday, June 8, 2015

Leadership Evidence (Excellence)

Librarian- Today at Lunchtime me & Abi had Librarian.We did't really do much since the boys were on desk. We just put HEAPS of books away and selected some books for Miss Ward to order from the book club magazines. It wasn't the busiest day at the library but oh, well. :)  

Leadership Evidence (Excellence)

Peer Mediation-Today at the second half of lunch time I had peer mediation. I made sure by 1:10 I grabbed the vests from Abigail and Jack H. It was huge journey just finding my group! After looking through pretty much the entire school, I found Emma Hill in the library. Still, having no clue where Mollyanne was. We set of to the junior area, we did't really solve any problems we  just got bugged by some little kids. :-) 

Friday, May 29, 2015

Leadership Evidence (Excellence)

Peer Mediation-Today I had Peer Mediation with Mollyanne and Emma Hill. I made sure at exactly second half I swapped with Abi and then quickly found Emma & Mollyanne. they were very easy to find. We decided to sit at a spot under the table. We called it Peer Mediation HQ. We had a couple simple problems. It was just overall fun!   

my discovery

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Leadership Evidence (Excellence)

Must dos (being a Role Model to Kakano students)-Today @ recess, me, Molly and Jesse visited the little kids. It was heaps of FUN! And most of them were really excited to see us:D

How to make an Inference

Inference: GEEK GIRL

"geek/gi:k/h noun informal, chiefly N.Amer
1 an unfashionable or socially inept person.
2 an obsessive enthusiast.
3 a person who feels the need to look up the word 'geek' in the dictionary.
DERIVATIVES geeky adjective.
ORIGIN from the related English dialect work
geck 'fool' ."

Inference made: why do you think the Author put this at start of the text?

To give us a clue about who the main character might be.

Inference strategy. 

Text Clues.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Leadership Evidence (Excellence)

PALS-Today at Lunchtime I had PALS. I  found Makayla then we successfully got Sam and Jesse to fill in. We weren't really sure what to do. So we just randomly grabbed a long Skipping Rope &  some Hula Hoops. We did a game with Long Ropes but, that really didn't turn out very well. we decided on having a Hula Hoop war. It was practically a huge fight were the aim is to chuck Hula Hoops at people and try avoid being hit with one. IT WAS AWESOME!:D        

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

My Explanation Writing :-)

This my introduction paragraph:
The career path I have chosen is to be a Veterinarian. This is simply because I want to have a job that involves things I love and enjoy doing. Therefore Animals being one of my strongest passions I'd like to take forward any opportunity to help and care for them. On account of this Vets do a wide variety of things. This includes treating sick & injured Animals, Working with consumers to stop general Animal problems & diesses, Advise on Animal heath & welfare, Work with passed away Animals to an explanation and Work with a number of owners of herds & flocks to advise them on breeding & future production. It's also really important to know that being a Vet isn't all about fairytales. It can be emotionally drawing as Animals may die or have to be put down. Fortunetly, Vets usally earn 50,000-150,000 per year. Pay depends on the Veternrian's exspearince. In that case advanced Vets get payed a lot higher than begginers. Accordingly, job opportuntie's are good. Due to the shortage of Veternrian's, rural areas in picticular.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Leadership Evidence (Execellence)

Librarian- Today @ lunch time I did Librarian with Abi and Cameron. Unfortunately, we had to stay outside to eat our lunch so I felt rushed to finish my lunch on time. When I was finished (well half finished), me and Abi found Cameron then headed straight to Librarian. To start with we had books of every category to put away which did take a while. Me and Abi sat at the desk we didn't do much. But, we did help a few people:-)           

My term 2 goal reflection

My goals for term 2 were term 2 were to archive my merit badge, do better at cleaning up transmissions and finish my SDL before the dead line. I think that I am making process on all of these because I have archived my merit badge and have gotten my SDL done these days. I just need to work cleaning up.       

Friday, May 22, 2015

Leadership Evidence (Excellence)

Peer Mediation-Today i had Peer Mediation with Mollyanne and Emma Hill. We walked around the junior area. Unfortunately, we did't really solve any real problems. Just a couple of minor arguments & false alarms. Weirdly enough a junior teacher seemed to think we were PALS and handed us whiteboards to draw with the little kids. It obviously wasn't a normal peer mediation session, but lots of fun:-)    

Friday, May 15, 2015

hamburger cake part 2

My Discovery-Today for our discovery project, we are finally making our hamburger cake! we have brought in all the ingredients we need. 

part 1 hamburger cake

My Discovery-Today we started doing our my discovery project. we started of by creating a slide on what we were planning to do. link

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

leadership evidence (execellence)

PALS-today @ the second half of lunch I did PALS, well it was pretty much the first half because kids can cook went over-time. So before I could even eat my lunch I had to get straight to PALS I had to do it by myself, because two of the people in my group were away, another one of the people in my group I couldn't find anywhere and the person in my group had entirely left the school! So I showed initiative & did it myself. I was doing kakano, so I decided to set up a game of octopus. I stood there for a good 20 minute's. It wasn't a success. No. One. Came.  

Kyla and Emily Maths

Monday, May 11, 2015

leadership evidence (execellence)

librarian-today at lunch time I did librarian with Abi. we started of by putting away the books I worked through the picture books while Abi put away the novels & chapter books. we left half of the books for the rest of our group to put away. then, we were left to stamp Oakland's School through the front, the back & the middle like of 5 dozens of school journal. it was really tiring, but all completely worth it as well:-)          

Sunday, May 10, 2015

leadership evidence (execellance)

Getting Involved-I got involved at winter sports, we were playing football. personally, football isn't one of my favourite sports in fact I possibly can't even kick a ball! I got involved by well, just rolling with the plungers and going with it, even though I didn't really want to. to be honest I didn't play that well nor did l really enjoy it, but I gave it go.     

Thursday, May 7, 2015

My poem

             TAYLOR SWIFT
Stay strong through her songs & You will never put a foot wrong.
We are all obsessed with her two playful cats. 
Her quick witted lyrics bring her fans of all ages & must I add myself with that.
She bakes delicious cookies, nice & warm.
Her style of shaking it off is like a musical storm.
She writes inspiring music that encourages us to be strong.
She dose the right thing so much times it Seems impossible for her to be cruel.
Even though she's not perfect, with wild personality & unexpected Britain love. 
Taylor Swift will always be a role model for us.    


Wednesday, May 6, 2015

leadership evidence (excellence)

Cross Country- today @ school it was cross country. Year 7/8's have to do 3 km which is like 6 rounds around our school field & 2 rounds around the halswell domain running/walking track. Once it snapped go! I used up all my energy to start with, so my time I needed it I was  completely puffed. I did't place very well threw the race, but I did complete it and tried my hardest even though it's not that high.  

leadership evidence (excellence)

Behaving @ Tech-today at tech I behaved to & back on the bus by specking quietly only to the person or people next to me. I also got involved in all aspects of technology even those i did't necessarily want to to do, i also listened to our teacher and showed respect towards my classmates:-)    

Monday, May 4, 2015

leadership evidence

Showing leadership around the School-I showed leadership by getting involved in the Zomba fundraiser towards wellington. it was really fun, but also completely hard working, tired-full and one of those things that go's really fast that it makes hard to catch up! we danced through to about 6 all non-stop speed & energising:-)   

my te reo

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

leadership evidence

PALS-today at lunchtime I did PALS along with Makayla, Sam and Scott. we decided on playing capture the flag. we grabbed vests, cones and flags, then set up a huge area for us to play in. we ended up grabbing heaps of kauri students. everyone (A) had fun, (B) played by the rules and (C) had awesome defence and attack skills :')

Friday, April 24, 2015

leadership evidence

peer mediation-today at the second half of lunchtime I did peer mediation. I made sure I got there on time by sitting in a position where I could easily get to where the vests were to swap for peer mediation. once I'd gotten the vests from Hayley and Caoimhe I rushed to find Meadow & Emma h. we didn't  solve any problems but we try to find some:-)   

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

leadership evidence

showing leadership @ tech- I showed leadership at technology by behaving on the bus there and back, also by listening & respecting my teacher and contributing in activity's during my class at tech, even for some I didn't necessarily want to do:)       

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

my term 2 learning goals

. archive my merit badge then work towards my excellence
. do better cleaning up transmissions
. try harder at finishing SDL before dead line :')   

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

My Art

I think I got unisturnce  because I didn't like the way I did my background or my face shape.
By Emily

Displaying IMG_3186.JPG

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

leadership evidence

showing leadership at tech-today I behaved to & from the bus to technology, I also respected my teacher by behaving

Monday, March 30, 2015

leadership evidnce

peer mediation-today I did peer mediation with Emma & Meadow. some year two students were disagreeing with another group of year twos, we tried our hardest to help out with the problem but, we didn't quite get there:-) 

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

leadership evidence

PALS- today at lunch time I did PALS. I did it with Makayla, Abi and Sam. we did kaikano. we ended up grabbing tons little kids to join our game. started by playing a game of  what's the time Mr Wolfe. after playing a couple of rounds, changed the game to duck, duck, goose! it was really fun! as we were playing more little kids started joining our game. we had an amazing amount of people joining & everyone was having a good time!      

Monday, March 23, 2015

leadership evidence

librarian-today at lunch time I had librarian, Abi was away. so I turned up by myself. the other two librarians stalked the books and did jobs for miss ward. were I issued out and returned books on the library desk.   

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

leardership evidince

PALS AND PEER MEDIATION-today I had to full in for Jacob(was not turning up)for peer mediation. I went with Kyla and Ellie. a group of year two students were disagreeing on the rules of a game. we solved the problem for them by telling them to start the game over. so they can forget about the problem happening in the last game. once they had found Jacob. I let them sort the problem, then left to find my group for PALS I found Jackie who told me were Rosie was. once I'd found her  we went to the field and joined with Caoimhes group. we ended up setting a huge game of dodge ball! we started with at least eight people then more and more people joined!           

Friday, March 13, 2015

leadership evidence

peer mediation-today I did peer mediation, I did not solve any problems.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Leadership evidence

librarian-today I did librarian with Abi. we got out heaps of books for people. when it was closed we stayed in and helped miss ward.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

leadership evidence

PALS:today i did PALS at the second half of lunch time once l,d seen that the peer mediators had swapped, i went to find Rosie.our two year 7s were at camp, so i showed initiative by inviting Jesse to  cover for them. we played octopus and sneak up granny with the kakaino students. it was fun!    

Friday, February 27, 2015

leadership evidence: peer mediation

peer mediation: today I did peer mediation. I got my vest from Jesse and straight to the end of the field were Meadow and Emma were getting ready. we did not solve any problems, but we tried to find some by asking people who looked like they were fighting. there only turned out there were only silly problems.   

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

leadership evidence-getting involved at swimming sports.

swimming sports-yesterday at swimming sports i got involved by firstly behaving on bus especially since there were heaps of year 4,s misbehaving. secondly by trying my hardest on both of my races i felt as if i was getting better because i was actually racing near other people, not miles behind like i have done so in previous years. i was got involved by cheering on my friends and siblings sportively during there races.          

Friday, February 20, 2015

leadership evidence

PEER MEDITATION-today i did peer meditation at exactly the second half of launch time i met up with Meadow and Emma H. we headed over to the filed, were we peer mediate. we helped a girl who was upset because someone had really hurt her. that person ended up saying sorry. one of the problems was really complicated! everyone was arguing about who pushed who of the flying fox. we not get to solve this problem because the bell rang.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

leadership evidence

PALS-today at the second half of lunch I had PALS. I made sure that me & my friends sat near room 25,so I could see when the peer mediators swapped. once they had swapped I went to go find my group for PALS. we decided on playing dodge ball. we called across the filed to see who wanted to play! we ended grabbing heaps of year 7 & 8s! it turned out to be super fun! we played boys vs  girls and Rosie even added a twist to the game by making there a merit. if the merit gets out the other team wins! I ended inviting Jesse, who had nothing to do, to play to!