Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Leadership Evidence (Distinction)

  PALS-Today at lunch I did PALS with Molly seeming Makayla refused to show up. We went to the little kids area we didn't have to find anyone because these little kids were playing a little game of duck, duck goose. We simply asked if we could join they agreed happily as we played people gradually started joining in, it didn't all go well because Emily got really upset. It was really funny because there was this one little kid who went round over and over but every-time she landed on me she said Poo Bum instead of duck! We changed the game continuously so they wouldn't get board for a while they were skipping and jumping up and then we ended of with playing heads down, thumbs up.  overall It was so much fun because it too spend time with little kids as well revisit some of the games I hadn't played age. I was showing leadership by turning and finding a fill in even though my group members didn't.

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