Friday, August 28, 2015

Leadership Evidence (Distintion)

Peer Mediation-Today I turned up to Peer Mediation exactly on the dot seeming I am always far too early. Both of my group members didn't turn so Isabella filled in for me. We didn't really get any problems only a few people coming up to us got hurt so we took a lot of trips to the duty teachers. We also as usual had little kids annoying us so it was pretty boring.

Leadership Evidence (Distintion)

PALS-Today I did PALS with Makayla, Sam D and Natalie. We mucked about for like the first half using our PALS has super hero capes, giving each other piggy bags, arguing about what game we should play and weather we were on Kauri or Kakano, having and unnecessary fight about who's going to get the cones, winding each other up and just overall being stupid. When we had FINALLY  decided on a game (which was duck, duck goose. We were somewhat on kakano again!). We went calling for people but no one but one person instead of hauling around calling for people we just played a mini and people gradually started coming.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

My speech

The music industry changes through generations as one young artist enters the record book then fades leaving there feet unfirm. The world is so full of new singers leaving the unwritten question..are they going to last or is this going to be another disappointment? So the question still remains unanswered. Who is the best singer or band of all time?

I strongly believe that Taylor Swift is the best singer/songwriter. This is simply because unlike Meghan Trainor or Iggy Azalea who scroll down whatever comes to there mind on paper. Taylor writes from the heart about her own personal experiences from young adult hood and teenage hood. Which gives her her an ability to make fans feel like shes a super close friend or big sister. Moreover the lyrics of her songs almost speak to people. I would say that everyone of her songs has a hidden piece of advice or an unwritten  message for example if it wasn't for 'Shake it of' I would never have stopped caring about what people thought of me. So don't you want music to teach us to raise above haters and so much more?

Though she may one of the biggest acts in the universe right now she dosn't attract attention by taking her clothes of or getting drunk. Unlike you'd expect from Miley Cyrus or Britney Spears, Taylor appeals to be sweet natured, polite and has a clean living career which through her music videos, concerts and style choices. Taylor remains self aware when making every choice she makes. So wouldn't these quality be ideal for the music industry? Wouldn't someone who's consistently selling records and concerts need some reward from the human race?

A total of 220 awards of 479 nominations, concerts sold out the record breaking amount of 1-3 minutes in huge stadiums, sold of over 40 million records world wide, 9 #1s, Taylors success is undeniable anyone who doesn't see that would have to be blind! Would you on a daily bias be able to persuade one of the biggest tech products just with a polite letter? So if Taylor Swift is so popular isn't it pointless to feel 'awkward' or 'uncool' liking her? But what about an unclean past of sleuthing ex lovers? What about her identify for dissing and revenge?

On the other hand you may hear people say 'she has to much exs' or 'all she writes about is her boyfriends' both of these theory's are fairly true, Taylors past has an unclean amount of ex boyfriends. But is this ex filled image really good role modality? That's not the only thing. Taylors appeal of dissing her rivals and past boyfriends gives her a reference of being a revenge killing machine so isn't it just plain cruel rubbing it in peoples faces when they're wrong?

Even though there are bad things about Taylor Swift no matter what people say or think there's nothing that will persuade me against my opinion. A past of exs actually makes her closer to her fans as many go through love her experience gives her the ability to give advice to her to fans and hooks her up with incredible hits. Think about it if it wasn't for her relationships her albums would never be so successful. So really why wouldn't Taylor Swift be the worlds best singer?


Emilys Geometry

I made it to extended abstract because I can accurately do this goal and teach others. My next step is a new maths goal

Monday, August 24, 2015

Leadership Evidence (Distintion)

Librarian-Today Abi could only do 20 minutes of Librarian because of the aerobics but that was okay because I had three people filling in for her. We started of by putting away a huge stack of books which got really tiring.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Leadership Evidence (Distintion)

Choir-Today I did choir we went through California dreamin, the long white sails, slice of heaven and poi e. The songs were pretty difficult because they were all so HIGH, But they were really fun to sing at the same time. I think this was showing leadership by turning up on the dot.

Leadership Evidence (Distintion)

Peer Mediation-Today both of my group members couldn't attend so I add to do it by myself. I didn't really do my duty properly I spent the whole time helping these little kids look for a senior which caused a massive amount of confusion.    

Leadership Evidence (Distintion)

Behaving @ tech (Must dos)-On Tuesday I behaved on the bus by only talking to the person next to me (well I actually gave them the silence because we as usual had nothing to talk about). To be honest I didn't really sit 3 to a seat I actually sat somewhere with someone random. But I still showed good leadership by not being to noisy for the bus driver and just showing respct.

Leadership Evidence (Distintion)

Getting Involved (Must dos)-Today at lunchtime and mourning tea by playing predator w/ Abi, Molly, Natalie, Sam D and Makayla. It was really even though I suck at it. My school uniform got EXTREMLY muddy while playing, we took turns being in and played at the far end of the field. This was showing leadership by actively getting involved at break time. Overall I enjoyed playing and would recommend predator as being a awesome game to play at lunchtime and mourning tea.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Leadership Evidence (Distinction)

Peer Mediation-Today at peer mediation it was only me and Emma because the other member of our group didn't show it was the dullest peer mediation session ever! We pretty much sat at a seat waiting for problems.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Leadership Evidence (Excellence)

PALS-Today at lunchtime I did PALS with Makayla, Honor, and Alicia. Two people in our group didn't turn up so we needed full ins. We were on kakano we did it around the court near the kakano area we started calling round looking for people not doing much to join in. Once we had about eight people we played Duck, Duck Goose! As we played people continuously started joining in it surprisingly really fun and hilarious to watch!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)