Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Leadership Evidence (Distinction)

  PALS-Today at lunch I did PALS with Molly seeming Makayla refused to show up. We went to the little kids area we didn't have to find anyone because these little kids were playing a little game of duck, duck goose. We simply asked if we could join they agreed happily as we played people gradually started joining in, it didn't all go well because Emily got really upset. It was really funny because there was this one little kid who went round over and over but every-time she landed on me she said Poo Bum instead of duck! We changed the game continuously so they wouldn't get board for a while they were skipping and jumping up and then we ended of with playing heads down, thumbs up.  overall It was so much fun because it too spend time with little kids as well revisit some of the games I hadn't played age. I was showing leadership by turning and finding a fill in even though my group members didn't.

Friday, November 27, 2015

My student lead conference

f                  .                         This is my student lead conference.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Leadership Evidence (Distinction)

Choir-Today at choir we sang through money money money, adiemus and hallelujah we particularly did some work adiemus working on the harmony as well as Jesse's solo, violin tune and how high to sing. I was showing leadership because I turned up on the dot and contributed fully. Overall it was really fun to experience with a new a song as well as re-visiting welcome home.

Leadership Evidence (Distinction)

Being a role model for the students in the Kakano Team (Must dos)-Today at lunchtime at Peer Mediation we had no problems so I was really board then randomly some little kids told me to look for Lauren I tried to explain to them that I was on peer mediation but of course they didn't understand. It starting of with them chucking my hat and making me go fetch it then they literally started smacking this was pretty painful but it was fun for them. This was showing leadership by spending some time with little kids and being a role model. Overall it was quite fun for peer mediation.

Leadership Evidence (Distinction)

Helping out around the school (Must dos)-Today at the senior citizen concert I helped out by being part of the Choir we sang through Money, Money, Money and Hallelujah. I showed leadership by contributing fully into being part of the choir and giving 100% into making the performance AWESOME! Overall it was a little bit boring but I'm glad I got the chance to participate and make people happy!  

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Leadership Evidence (Distiction)

PALS-Today at lunchtime I did PALS with Makayla, Jasmine and Natalie. Well it started of with me & Makayla doing our duty then Jasmine decided to join as well, we all agreed on doing a skipping-rope/hula-hop type because it was simple and require much setting up we couldn't get our equipment from the hall (I have no idea why!) so we went to the back room in the music room. We dumped our stuff and like magic one person came! Funnily more than half of the people who asked to join were kakanos we were feeling kind and made it open for kauri and kakano heaps and heaps of people were skipping but no one was really hula-hoping properly everyone was just doing tricks hops. Their was this one kid who really liked to pull me along with the hula hops, part way through Natalie joined us so we were pretty packed. At the end Makayla made me stand in the middle and everyone chucked hula-hops over me. LOL! This was showing leadership because I showed up organised and with a can-do attitude. Overall it was awesome to get involved!          

Monday, November 2, 2015

Leadership Evidence (Distinction)

Librarian-Today I completely forgot about librarian as well as athletics going over time I was so tired all I wanted to do was chill out, but unfortunately today was the wrong day. I was really surprised when I got there to find there was no books to stack which was seriously a first. Me and Abi returned and issued a few books for people it wasn't really that packed today so we ended up having a nice quiet experience. I was showing leadership by coming even though I couldn't be bothered I wasn't the most reliable leader but at least I did it. Overall it was pretty average I was surprised at how short time I had I didn't know athletics took up that much. :-/