Tuesday, May 26, 2015

My Explanation Writing :-)

This my introduction paragraph:
The career path I have chosen is to be a Veterinarian. This is simply because I want to have a job that involves things I love and enjoy doing. Therefore Animals being one of my strongest passions I'd like to take forward any opportunity to help and care for them. On account of this Vets do a wide variety of things. This includes treating sick & injured Animals, Working with consumers to stop general Animal problems & diesses, Advise on Animal heath & welfare, Work with passed away Animals to an explanation and Work with a number of owners of herds & flocks to advise them on breeding & future production. It's also really important to know that being a Vet isn't all about fairytales. It can be emotionally drawing as Animals may die or have to be put down. Fortunetly, Vets usally earn 50,000-150,000 per year. Pay depends on the Veternrian's exspearince. In that case advanced Vets get payed a lot higher than begginers. Accordingly, job opportuntie's are good. Due to the shortage of Veternrian's, rural areas in picticular.

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