Thursday, June 19, 2014

My explaination

One of the most relvant exaples is the baby carrier wich is about a inconviuet soulation spreding
Were a company provided more than half of the products fake. The selling of fake & real carriers 
Leave the consumers tricked, as a resualt they were taking a riskey chance of the babys falling out
And takeing an unfortunenate accident. This which is caused by a incom of copyrigthting, which 
Migtht cause a loss trust, loalaty, and much more between the consumer and the product. Wich 
Can effect the proper product in a varity of reasons! For instunts it is in the victum of of closeing 
Dowen, it is being ecused of brecking the law by ripping people of, furthermore lossing customers,
All because of copyrigthting

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